Chapter 3. Settings everywhere

Settings are a really powerful feature and easy to create in HarmonyCMS. However, sometimes you need to add settings to already existing domains.

Adding settings to the general setting page

General settings page contains main settings for HarmonyCMS such as site_name, tag_line, ... But sometimes, for some reasons, you will need to add settings to the general setting page.

This page list all settings with the default domain and the general tag. So to add new settings, this is very simple actually.

You can add settings from everywhere (extensions, themes, bundles and config). Let's take an example. Create the next file with the next content:

- name: test
type: string
tags: ['general']
data: 'demo data'
description: 'Information message helper'

This setting configuration will add a new setting field test in the general settings page, like:

However, be very careful with that. When adding a setting to the default domain and general tag, you could override the default settings and the ones provided by extensions, themes or bundles.