Chapter 2. Create your first menu

KnpMenuBundle provide multiple solutions to create menu easily as possible:

HarmonyMenuBundle add an other way to create menu, with a YAML configuration files. This bundle will automatically load menu declared in a file called menu.yaml. This file can be located at config/menu.yaml, inside any bundles at Resources/config/menu.yaml or inside any extensions (modules or plugins) at Resources/config/menu.yaml.

Create new menu

Let's now create a simple menu with some links.

label: 'Home'
route: index
label: 'About'
route: about

Default main menu main_menu is provided by default by the recipe of harmony/menu-bundle bundle.

When creating menu item, please DO NOT add HTML attributes (e.g. class, id, ...) using the options attributes, linkAttributes, childrenAttributes or labelAttributes. This values must me defined inside each themes, when rendering the menu. See: Chapter 4. Rendering menus

Configuration reference

Here is the full reference of available configuration keys you can use to define your menu:

childrenAttributes: An array of attributes passed to the root ul tag
uri: "An uri. Use it if you do not define route parameter"
route: "A symfony route without @"
routeParameters: "an array of parameters to pass to the route"
label: "My first label"
order: An integer to sort the item in his level.
attributes: An array of attributes passed to the knp item
linkAttributes: An array of attributes passed to the a tag
childrenAttributes: An array of attributes passed to the chidlren block
labelAttributes: An array of attributes passed to the label tag
display: boolean to hide the item
displayChildren: boolean to hide the children
roles: array of item (string roles) passed to isGranted securityContext method to check if user has rights in menu items
extras: An array of extra parameters (for example icon img, additional content etc.)
children: # An array of subitems
label: My second level