Chapter 2. Customization

Change path for admin interface

By default, HarmonyCMS admin interface is accessible from the /admin path. This value is defined in the prefix option when loading the routes for HarmonyCMS.

You can change its value to meet your own requirements. Here is the default value for the admin interface:

resource: "admin"
type: rollerworks_autowiring
prefix: /admin

Be very careful, some bundles, extensions or themes use FOSJSRouting who provide a default fos_js_routes.json file including the admin prefix. If you have to change the admin prefix, you will probably need to dump the routing js configuration.

Customize content

This bundle is shipped by default with the free version of AdminCAST Bootstrap 4 Admin Template. If you are currently developing an extension for HarmonyCMS and are designing some pages to match with the admin interface, you should check the demo version of the template to take some examples.

Apply admin interface form theme

To use the default form theme provided by the admin interface, you need to use the next code in your template file (for extensions):

{% form_theme form with harmony_admin_config('design.form_theme') %}